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ffrantstoself's Journal

Where Self-Deprecation Is "Cool"
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Wondering if that cracked-out fanfic plotbunny your brain's giving you is not such a bad idea after all, and wish for reassurance?

Wish to tell your younger writing self how glad you are they've improved since then?

Wish to belittle your younger writing self with a "what the hell were you thinking"?

Wish to tell yourself to stop procrastinating and either get to writing or don't?

And for some bizarre reason you wish to put this in a public forum?

Well whatever the hell you do, don't put it in fanficrants, cuz they're getting mighty sick of it. You can put them here now.

1. Trolls and sockpuppet journals will not be tolerated.

2. Don't expect everyone to be nicey-nicey here to your self-letters. C'mon, this is a spinoff of a community known for vicious vitrol-spewing.

3. If it's really long/profane/TMI, please for the love of puppies put it under an LJ-cut.

4. Your rant doesn't necessarily HAVE to start with "dear self". Just so you know.

More rules to possibly be added if anything pops up.